Elevation Trifecta:
Endocannabinoid System, Full Spectrum and the Entourage Effect

At Upstate Elevator Supply Company, we understand there is an enormous amount of information circulating around hemp oil and its benefits. If you are new to CBD, are seeking holistic ways to bring calm and well-being into your hectic life or simply want to know what the noise is all about, here’s all the info you need to start your journey into CBD oil products. Don’t worry, we promise to keep it simple.

CBD Oil Is Legal and Won’t Make You High

First of all, let’s clear the air on the misconceptions of hemp oil and getting high. CBD (cannabidiol) oil is derived from industrial hemp, a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant. This strain is non-psychoactive or doesn’t make you high. It is cultivated to produce high levels of CBD and low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the component that induces the psychoactive-classic-marijuana-“high.”

If you are concerned that CBD will show up on a drug test, rest assured you will not test positive unless you consume a very high amount (over 1000 mg) on a daily basis. Fact: CBD oil must contain less than .3% THC to be sold legally. Another fact, you are not breaking any laws if you purchase hemp oil or have it shipped to you. CBD oil and its products are legal in all 50 states, according to federal law.

You won’t feel stoned and it’s legal. So, how does it work?

The Science of Hemp

The hearty, ancient, and evolutionary hemp plant is used by many cultures for its robust fiber and medicinal benefits, yet only recently has it reached rock stardom status by mainstream science and research. The medical industry is recognizing and reporting the natural healing, preventative, and restorative results from sufferers of serious conditions such as insomnia, nausea, gastro-intestinal issues, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. No time to read medical journals? Here’s the low down…

Our Bodies, Our Endocannabinoid System – Where the Magic Happens

Our bodies are hardwired with a complex, biological network called the Endocannabinoid system. Within this network are cell receptors, similar to the plant-derived cannabinoids in hemp oil, that oversee our elemental bodily functions such as pain sensation, emotions, appetite and digestion, and sleep. When our endocannabinoid system operates at its optimum or in homeostasis, our bodily functions become in sync and thrive. Scientists have found that if we lack cannabinoids, physical and emotional problems may develop.

The Hook-Up

When plant-derived CBD oil is introduced to our endocannabinoid system, sparks fly! This union boosts the mitochondria, the power source of our cells. Scientists say this match-up increases homeostasis to our network bringing balance to biological processes, such as sleep, inflammation, pain, digestion, and cognitive function as well as repair damaged cells. In essence, the plant-derived cannabinoids provide support to weakened cells and enhances the healthy ones.

Dynamic DUO: Full Spectrum and Entourage Effect

If this wasn’t enough, research has shown that the abundance of hemp cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from the entire hemp plant, otherwise called full spectrum, works with our entire body’s endocannabinoid cell receptors producing an “Entourage Effect” or magnification of the CBD’s beneficial qualities.

The natural symbiotic relationship between the hemp plant and the human body is amazing and complex. CBD oil provides a natural, holistic alternative to pharmaceuticals; relief with emotional and physical issues; and brings calm and renewal to our modern, hectic lives.

The Next Step: Quality and Potency

As you venture deeper into the world of CBD products, quality and potency is a top priority. Upstate Elevator Supply Company’s premium Full Spectrum CBD products are tested for heavy metal and toxins. Our CBD oil is derived from premium organic industrial hemp sustainably cultivated and farmed in Vermont and Colorado. We know that potency and purity in our CBD oil products empowers our endocannabinoid systems. Elevate, uplift and bring vibrancy back in your life by using our fine, high quality hemp oil products.