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The Elevation

Overhead view of Pete's farm
Photos by Herbal Imaging

Where do we grow our hemp?

We partner with Earthkeep Farmcommon in Charlotte VT to grow the hemp we use to make our products. Our hemp crop is USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, pesticide free and sustainably grown. Clean soil, water and fresh Vermont air makes for clean hemp, and that’s the key to crafting clean cannabinoids that you can feel good about using every day. Upstate supports regenerative and organic farming practices.

Farm shot in craftsbury vermont
Photos by Herbal Imaging
2018 Hemp
2019 Hemp
Photos by Herbal Imaging



The Earthkeep Farmcommon Vision

Upstate is proud to be a founding member and anchor tenant of Earthkeep Farmcommon – a six hundred acre regenerative farm in Charlotte, VT. Earthkeep Farmcommon will become a catalyst for revitalizing key agricultural and value-added food sectors through the lens of agrotourism. The pillars of Earthkeep are:

  • Cultivation: Regenerative organic hemp and artisanal grains, high value botanicals, perennial fruit and nut orchards, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms;

  • Production: Milling, malting, brewing, distilling, aquaculture and herbal apothecary incubator;

  • Climate Change Mitigation: Soil/ecosystem regeneration, carbon offset origination and renewable energy production and storage (solar, anaerobic digestion);

  • Ecological Habitat Restoration: Migratory bird sanctuary and research station, pollinator habitat, apiaries, regenerative demonstration gardens, X-country skiing and nature trails;

Earthkeep Farmcommon encapsulates the ethos of Vermont in terms of community values, regenerative cultivation, responsible land-use practices, sustainable organic production, and transparent farm-to-table processes for job creation and rural economic development.

Upstate Elevator - Nordic Farm 1
Nordic Farm