1200mg Elevated Spectrum™ CBD+THC Hemp Extract (30ml)


Our forward-looking CBD+THC Elevated Spectrum™ tincture has been crafted to deliver a gentle and legal hemp derived THC experience. Each serving contains 2.5mg of THC – about half the amount found in a standard Cannabis edible. The tincture is formulated to a 10:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

We find that this ratio imparts a light and functional THC buzz for most users at the recommended serving size. In addition to CBD and THC, this tincture contains all of the other beneficial compounds found in hemp, but at an elevated 1:1 ratio of CBD to total minor cannabinoids.


You expect a kinder product. Upstate delivers. 100% vegan and cruelty free CBD.


USDA certified organic, non GMO hemp flower grown by Vermont farmers.


A strong Vermont tradition of agricultural excellence and stewardship.


Clean, gluten free ingredients are the foundation of Upstate hemp products.


Cannabinoids, terpenes, and even tiny amounts of THC working in harmony.


All Upstate products carry a thirty day customer satisfaction guarantee. We believe in the quality, purity, and consistency of our products – and we stand behind them 100%.


All Upstate products carry a thirty day customer satisfaction guarantee. We believe in the quality, purity, and consistency of our products – and we stand behind them 100%.

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Our Elevated Spectrum™ tincture contains all of the beneficial compounds found in hemp, but at a significantly elevated 1:1 ratio of CBD to minor cannabinoids. By increasing the presence of minor cannabinoids we look to bolster the “entourage effect” of hemp compounds working in concert to create a more well rounded cannabinoid experience and help manage everyday stress.* This formulation contains elevated levels of THC, CBN, CBDA, CBG and CBC per serving when compared with our standard full spectrum hemp extract tinctures.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Elevated Spectrum mean?
We use the term Elevated Spectrum to identify products that have been formulated with an elevated ratio of minor cannabinoids (including THC) to CBD (the most prevalent cannabinoid in hemp extract). 
Do Elevated Spectrum Capsules contain THC?
Yes, our Elevated Spectrum capsules contain legal levels of THC, up to 0.3% by weight. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD and 2mg of THC, which is enough to notice the pleasant effects. 
Do the Elevated Spectrum capsules contain any Delta 8 THC?
Absolutely not! None of our products contain any Delta 8 THC, or any other form of synthetically derived THC.  
Will Elevated Spectrum products show up on a drug test?
Yes. Although Elevated Spectrum products contain less than the federal legal limit of 0.3% THC, they can still cause you to fail a drug test. We recommend that you do not use Elevated Spectrum (or regular Full Spectrum products for that matter) if you need to pass a drug test.
Will Elevated Spectrum products get me high?
The “high” feeling we associate with cannabis primarily comes from the cannabinoid THC, and everyone has a different sensitivity to this compound. Our Elevated Spectrum product line contains detectable levels of many important cannabinoids, including 2mg of THC*, which work cooperatively to provide greater benefit.  We suggest taking one capsule and waiting 45 min - 1 hour before consuming more. If you aren’t sure of your THC sensitivity, take it slowly! If you are new to THC, we suggest you experiment with the Elevated Spectrum at home and stay away from operating any machinery or tasks that require complete attention, until you know how they make you feel. Most importantly, enjoy getting elevated! 
How are capsules different from tinctures?
Capsules are absorbed after being swallowed (an ingested delivery method), they start working slowly over time as they are processed by the liver. Capsules may take 30-90 minutes to start working and the effects generally last 4-8 hours.  Tinctures (or Hemp Oils), are meant to be used under the tongue (a sublingual delivery method) and start working in minutes. You will likely notice the benefits of tinctures more quickly than capsules and but the effects also can dissipate faster, often in 3-4 hours.
Will Elevated Spectrum capsules make you sleepy?
If you’re new to CBD or THC it is always advisable to talk to your physician to be sure that CBD is right for you. If new to taking hemp products, it is suggested that you avoid driving or operating machinery until you know how it affects you personally. Most people typically do not experience CBD as sedative, but do experience a relaxed, calm feeling.
What effect do Elevated Spectrum capsules have on the body?
Similar to full spectrum products, users of Elevated Spectrum capsules have reported a variety of beneficial effects, such as easing physical discomfort, support for sleep, reducing everyday stresses, and an overall calming effect. The common thread is always a lifted spirit and an elevated experience. 
Do Elevated Spectrum capsules help you relax?
Similar to our full spectrum products, users of Elevated Spectrum capsules have reported a feeling of relaxation and a calming effect.
How long will Elevated Spectrum capsules take to start working?
The time it takes for users to feel the effects tend to vary, but typically can take from 30 minutes to an hour. The capsules will be absorbed through the liver for the next several hours, with effects usually lasting 4-8 hours.

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