Why CBD and MCT Oil Pair So Well Together

cbd and mct oil

Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or just getting into finding your stride, there’s always a little more to know — especially when it comes to maximizing the benefits of your CBD routine. Even if you’ve gotten the hang of how to incorporate CBD into your life to help manage life’s stressors, general anxiety or otherwise, you might be missing a piece that could make a difference in your experience. One term you’ve probably encountered is bioavailability — which refers to the amount of a substance that can be absorbed into the bloodstream. As we know, CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system’s receptors in our body, but what if there was a way to possibly enhance the bioavailability of CBD, thereby increasing the amount of CBD absorbed, and reducing the dose we require? Enter MCT oil. 

What Is MCT Oil?

Medium-chain triglycerides are the fat molecules that make up the substance better known as MCT oil. Although it’s not new, in more recent years it has become popular and recognized as a supplement with a lot of potential health benefits. As the name suggests, it’s the structure of the oil molecules that lends to its efficacy. Unlike long-chain triglycerides which are metabolized differently in the body, MCT oil is able to be digested and converted into energy rapidly instead of being stored as fat. Because of this, some studies have shown that MCT oil may have some weight loss benefits. Additional benefits may also include an increase in energy and endurance, a reduction of lactate build-up following high-intensity exercise, and an improvement of cognitive function and memory

Pairing CBD and MCT Oil

Using MCT with CBD simultaneously is a good way to combine the potential benefits of two potent supplements. One of the reasons these two pair so well together is because MCT oil may assist in helping to enhance the absorption of CBD. Our bodies require dietary fat to assist us in absorbing things like vitamins and cannabinoids like CBD, otherwise they will pass through the dietary track without being absorbed. Because MCT oil has great bioavailability, it may allow the body to absorb and use CBD more quickly and more completely than when taken without it. Also, because CBD has shown signs that it may help with weight loss by increasing metabolism, pairing it with MCT oil may boost the effects of both. 

Why We Use MCT in Our Products

When it comes to choosing a high quality CBD product, it’s important to pay attention to all the ingredients to make sure you are getting the best option possible. We offer organic, full-spectrum CBD MCT Oil tinctures that are crafted from USDA certified organic hemp flower grown on Vermont farms. Our patented process of lipid infusion draws the fullest possible spectrum of active compounds from the hemp plant, carefully preserving their molecular structure and maximizing the co-evolutionary benefits of the entourage effect.


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