CBD Nanotechnology: What is Nano CBD?

nano cbd what is nano cbd

If you have been struggling to keep up with the many new developments emerging in the CBD industry, you’re not alone — especially if you have been hearing about nano-encapsulated CBD and CBD nanotechnology. Even if you consider yourself familiar with more than the basics when it comes to extraction methods, this term may be the one that throws you for a loop. It begs you to ask: how many ways can you get CBD out of a hemp plant? Rather than an extraction method, nano-encapsulation is a technology applied to your chosen extract. There are many different ways to extract CBD,  the “right” one all depends on what you value and prioritize about the process and its resulting product. So, what’s the deal with CBD nanotechnology and nano CBD?

What Is CBD Nanotechnology?

Although nanotechnology can be used to enhance a consumer’s CBD experience, it’s not exclusive to extracting cannabinoids from hemp. In general, nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. It deals with extremely small particles anywhere from 1 to 100 nanometers. CBD nanotechnology applies a process that breaks the cannabinoid down into teeny, tiny nanoparticles. 

Why Use Nano CBD?

CBD is often referred to as a hydrophobic molecule because it is not water soluble and doesn’t bind with water molecules. Because the cannabinoid can’t naturally be dissolved in water, it requires a particular process in order to be infused into a liquid like water or any other beverage. That’s where CBD nanotechnology comes in. Through an ultrasonic processing method, it encapsulates CBD into tiny micellar structures. The process emulsifies the cannabinoid, allowing it to be equally distributed throughout a liquid. Typically, products that use “nano CBD” in their formulation do so either to increase the bioavailability or for it’s water-soluble properties.

The Benefits of Nano CBD

One of the biggest benefits of nano CBD is the increase in bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the rate at which a substance enters the body’s bloodstream. Because nano CBD is composed of very small particles, it can bypass your gut and be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. In fact, a study reported a significant increase in bioavailability of oral Nano CBD compared to CBD. Additionally, these nano CBD particles can enter into different types of tissues that normal particle sizes may not be able to pass through. That means you may not need as high a dosage as you would with other types of products that aren’t using CBD nanotechnology.

Where to Find Quality Nano CBD Products

Our proprietary method is very similar to the technique that pharmaceutical companies use. We aim for particle sizes in the 80–150 nanometer range, not only to enhance potency and stability, but to reach maximum absorption. All of our infused beverages utilize CBD nanotechnology. The sodas and seltzers all allow your body to absorb CBD up to six times faster than traditional CBD products and are packed with six million nanograms of highly bioavailable CBD to promote health and well-being. There are three different flavors to choose from — our African Ginger & Mexican Lime Soda sweetened with agave and the unsweetened, zero-calorie Raspberry Hibiscus Lime or Black Cherry Lemon Seltzers. 


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